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EMSN Connect

The European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN) has set itself the task of increasingly highlighting and exploiting the advantages of collaborative simulation in a digitized world in order to validate exemplary developments of route exchange formats or other services. Besides the testing of technological developments, there is a great interest in the ever growing field of linked simulations in the field of education and training of seafarers.

Prior to implementation, new inventions, applications and innovations must be thoroughly validated in a realistic environment. Being the largest and most progressive civil facility of its kind, the European Maritime Simulator Network is just the platform for this new way of concept testing.

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Complex environments

The EMSN connects state-of-the-art ship handling simulators, enriching their advanced capabilities regarding modelling of ship hydrodynamics and environmental conditions.

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In-depth assessments

The EMSN provides central logging of all quantitative data from participating sites. Qualitative data can be gathered by e.g. test participant surveys or external expert ratings.

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Realistic exercises

The EMSN facilitates a high number of human-operated ships within a single simulation environment. Thus, complex and realistic traffic situations can be created and run in real time.



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A great collaboration

The Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML, Hamburg, and the Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering (KRISO) have made a great step forward in their relationship research society: Together they inaugurated the Asia-Pacific Maritime Simulator Network APMSN.

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Future Platform

APMSN shall serve as a validation platform for Korean Smart Navigation services and for future initiatives like autonomous shipping and smart maritime logistics. Furthermore, it shall also intensify the links between Asian Maritime Universities to its European counterparts to improve safety at seas.

APMSN is funded by “Implementation of Core Technology for Korean e-Navigation Services” of the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fishery.


APMSN - EMSN Connect Network

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A sustainable collaboration

The Asia-Pacific Maritime Simulator Network is the further development of the European Maritime Simulator Network. The European Network was developed earlier in the EU-funded research projects MONALISA 2.0 and STM Validation, connecting ship handling simulators from different manufacturers at different European locations for the first time. So far, EMSN served as a validation tool for future maritime services and sea traffic management concepts. Thereby EMSN’s benefits have been acknowledged by international organizations like IALA, BIMCO and the Nautical Institute, which stated during a joint conference, that it has been proven useful in identifying unforeseen consequences of new technologies.

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EMSN Connect

— a brief history —

The European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN) has been developed to provide a large-scale test environment for maritime safety.

This network evolved from a proof of concept and was operationalized during the EU-funded Sea Traffic Management (STM) Validation project and can be regarded today as a baseline technology/testbed for interdisciplinary research in shipping.

Carrying out the tests on real ships would have been too great a technical and logistical effort.

For this reason, research was carried out in cooperation with the project partners and three well-known simulator manufacturers to find a solution.

Through the participation of different simulation centres which are spread all over Europe, the implementation on the simulator was an obvious choice. The idea of the EMSN was born.

In the course of the EU-funded research project MONALISA 2.0, the "European Maritime Simulator Network" (EMSN) was developed, currently the largest civil simulation network worldwide.

In the follow-up project STM Validation, up to 30 simulation bridges could be coupled simultaneously in a traffic scenario in order to gain insights into the practical suitability of research results.

After completion of the STM validation project, the EMSN could be maintained and extended, so that currently 10 simulator centers with more than 40 simulator bridges have joined the EMSN Connect under the lead of the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML.

The experience gained in the EMSN project in structure and implementation of a ship simulator network thus formed the basis for EMSN Connect.



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